Florence Abanda, MHC-LP

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Greetings, my name is Florence Ngwe Abanda, and I am a Professional Counselor in New York State. I have been working with children and young adults in the public sector since 2003. While I was working as a school counselor, I saw a greater need to provide counseling outside the school system. I wanted to be equipped with the knowledge, techniques, and tools to be able to manage any situation. As a Mental Health Counselor, I want to provide a service of empathy, care, patience, compassion, and the determination to help you identify and reach your goals.

Through cognitive behavioral and person-centered approach, along with other therapeutic resources, I aim to guide you through challenges you are experiencing in life and find a solution. I want to continue to inspire hope, confidence, self-love, critical thinking, and self-actualization.

My training as a Mental Health Counselor has helped me to guide my clients through, anxiety, depression, coping skills, adjustment to a new situation, building healthy relationships, and being able to resume their daily routine. I meet my client where they are at in their lives and provide them with tools to succeed.