Jennyfere Thomas, MHC-LP

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Hi! Thank you for visiting my page. I am a professional counselor in the state of New York. I am a multi-culturally trained holistic practitioner. I ensure that regardless of sex, race, orientation, or creed, each client is treated equally and with respect in a safe, welcoming environment. I use a holistic approach to meet the specific needs of my clients and provide them with the right skills and tools to live their daily lives. I want to help each client gain self confidence to advocate for their mental and emotional needs and self-awareness and heal both mentally and emotionally.

Areas that I specialize in include stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationships. As a holistic practitioner, I use different evidence based techniques, to meet the particular needs of my clients. I work with adolescents, young adults, adults and couples utilizing play therapy, art therapy, career counseling, CBT, mindfulness and trauma based therapy. I believe that when we focus on the person as a whole and not just parts of a person, we can reach them on every level.

Counseling is a process that extends beyond the therapy session, as I truly believe that individuals need support in all aspects of their lives in order to be able to heal and be content. Based on each individual client’s strengths and needs, I create plans and provide counseling, support, and services that help them succeed by tailoring an approach unique to their needs. I always strive to provide clients with the tools they need so they are fully equipped to handle the next steps in their lives. I look forward to helping you through your self care journey!