Natasha Fortune

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Hello my name is Natasha Fortune and I am a licensed mental health counselor in New York State. I have been working with diverse populations of New York City since 2005 in the public sector. I started working in private practice in 2015. Helping people reach the best version of themselves is the reason why I do this work.

When I was ten years old my older sister developed Lupus in the prime of her teenage years. She lost her hair, gained weight, and developed depression. Her illness impacted our whole family and as part of her treatment family therapy was prescribed. I sat in a cold room with a clinician who I remember had "green cat eyes". She asked personal questions with a cold demeanor. On the way home from the session I asked my mom "Who was that lady?" My mom explained that she was a clinician who worked with the brain.

I was immediately drawn to this idea as I thought all "medical help" occurred with doctors that focused on the body, teeth, and eyes. I knew from that day forward I wanted to help people going through tough situations in their lives.

Today I am a therapist with compassion. I ask questions that get my clients to reflect, analyze, and develop alternatives. In a warm and safe environment we do the work necessary to put individuals, families, and couples back together again. In each client that I serve I understand the need to be understood, cared for, and protected as we deal with life's difficulties together.